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I grew up in a family of artist's and musician's. I guess it goes without saying that I've always been passionate about those two things. I learned about many different art forms at a young age, and it only progressed from there. I became intrigued with design in high school, and knew from that point on, Graphic Design was the path for me. I took my first design course at the Medina County Career Center, and graduated from Virginia Marti College in 2016.

I currently work a full time job as a designer and illustrator in a print shop. I work with my clients there setting up pretty much anything they need: from simple business cards, to full spread books. (The best part is I get to see everything I make as a finished, tangelable product!)

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I hold high expectations towards myself and my work. I want to export the very best art and designs for my clients. I will work closely with you to understand your exact needs and wants for a project. I wont stop until you are completely satisfied.

For inquiries, please email me or message me via Facebook.  

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