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Anatomy & Figure Drawing


The first project we were assigned in my Anatomy and Figure Drawing class was to draw and study the skeletal system and draw is as accurately as possible. Each project was judged by how exact we drew the given image. 


Our second task was to draw the skull. We used HB pencils and had to focus on proportions and accuracy of shading as well.

Torso Study

Once we were becoming familiar with the bones, we started to use our understanding of the skeleton to draw what is visible on the outside. This figure focuses on the rib cage and hip bones.

Muscular System

The second step was to understand the muscular system. To know how to draw bodies correctly, we must understand the placement and size of each muscle so we can better understand how to draw a figure in different poses without the form being altered. 

Muscular Striations 

Striations were another factor that we had to learn. We were taught how to draw, shade and color each muscle to understand the debts each one has. 

Our final project was done on a 24 inch Bristol Board done with HB pencils. The portrait is based of a statue of Hercules fighting a lion. 

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