Carly's Cupcakes

Carly's Cupcakes

Carly was looking for a new logo to spruce up her cupcake bakery and give it a more professional look! She wanted to make sure the cupcake in her logo represented one of the cupcakes she makes herself. I was able to replicate a cupcake i thought worked well for a logo based on how it was set up, colors uniqueness and simplicity. 


I gave her a few different options as far as how the logo was set up, and she ended up loving all of them! She incorporates each one into different aspects of her business  and it gives her a good variety, while still keeping the brand consistant. 

business cards

Working full time at a print shop allows me to create completely unique products for our clients, Carly being one of them! For her business card, we added a clear raised resin and a raised rose gold foil, with soft touch lamination on both sides. It looks so great in person, we both couldn't be happier!

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