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Cauldron Kittens

Cauldron Kittens

This project was done as a gift for a soon-to-be shop owner on Etsy! The main focus for the logo was to mainly focus on kittens surrounding a brewing witches cauldron. The one request for the logo was for the brew to be a bright green color.

cauldron kittens-sticker-mockup.png
Business Cards

For the business cards we kept it simple as the shop is not open yet, so minimal info was needed. We kept to a simple square card shape to better suit the somewhat round logo. 

cauldron kittens Square Business Card Mo

This is mostly a concept design, as once the shop is up and running, why not package and mail it in something fun?


Stickers were also a request, so i threw together a few cute little round stickers highlighting the characteristics of each cats face and their personality!

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