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Cleveland Makeup Artistry


Cleveland Makeup Artistry is run by Karin Dodge who specializes in bridal, special occasion and commercial make up.

The Re-branding

With an unofficial brand already in place, Karin wanted something more legit and easy to use. She was inspired by abbreviated letters and words placed inside a square. She wanted a minimalist look, a simple black and white logo and branding so it did not distract from the photography of her work. Another large she wanted to focus on was placing the logo over the photos. What you see above was my solution to this request.


The business cards were created to keep the square shape of the logo, and have photography featured on one side, with Karin's information on the other. There are 3 logo variations featured below. These variations allow for easy use for different document types as well as web use.

Standing Banner

Along side the new branding, Karin was also making preparations for the Cleveland Bridal Show. She asked me if I could also design banners to display at her table. Her main request was to have the banners usable for any event, as well as displaying them in her store front. 

For the standing banner she wanted quotes from previous customers for clients and passer-by's to read.  I came up with the layout and the large quotation marks, as well as the slogan on the side to fill up the white space and push people to go to her for their beauty needs.

The Bridal Show

Karin described the bridal show and her new branding as a complete success! She was glad she stood out from the other vendors and is happy with her brands new look!

Hanging Banner

Paired along side the standing banner, this hanging banner would supply Karin's contact information and website. A bridal shoot was done in previous weeks accompanied by Julianna Arendash Photography and Rosado Events & Design.

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