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Cleveland Guardian

Cleveland Guardian

I wanted to create a new Cleveland design with much more detail compared to my previous sets. This time taking inspiration from the Art Deco style of time period the Traffic Guardians were initally started, as well as my love for Art Nouveau. I combined these two styles and am quite happy with the results!


The details of this piece include one of eight Traffic Guardians loacated on Hope Memorial Bridge in Cleveland Ohio.


The guardians themselves resonate their art deco time period, where as the border adds a bit organic fluidity to the piece to break up the strong, bold shape of the stone.

Social Posts_2021-19.png
Social Posts_2021-24.png

In each upper corner of the piece resides a little bit of Ohios National elements. In the upper left corner, features the state flower; the Red Carnation, as well as the state wild flower, the White Trillium. 

The right corner features our beloved state bird, the cardinal, both male and female. They sit upon the branch of the state tree, the Buckeye!


Many varieties, shapes and sizes of this artwork are available as posters, pillows, blankets and much more!

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