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We are Ink-REbels

We take caring about people and the environment seriously, at home and at work. We are environmentally conscious of everything we print. We are open to new and creative challenges and are confident our unique products will outshine others.

The logo

The logo for Ink-Rebels first originated by the founder who used ink drops as the logo. I repurposed that idea and made it more fitting for the environmentally concious branding by adding trees and mountains inside the drops. I also added new brand colors, including a dark, medium and light green color. I also added the tagline to the logo as well. 

_OCT 2019_INK REBELS_Social-06_S.jpg
The Products

A variety of products were available online, all created in house! We sold full size art prints, small art prints, planners, calendars, stickers, and post cards. Initally, all available products online consisted of my Cleveland and National Park illustrations. We had hoped to expand by offering a place to feature the work of other small local artists, and produce and sell their work for them. 

_OCT 2019_INK REBELS_Social-04.jpg
Print with the tree planters

All in all, running this shop was a lot of fun and i gained a lot of experience running an online storefront, working with local shops on consignment, fullfilling orders and creating new products. In total for one year we fulfilled enough orders to plant 87 trees as a partner to the National Forest Foundation. 

The Brand

Ink-Rebels with founded with the purpose of planting a tree for every order placed, whether that be from the online store, or a custom printing order. We also worked hard to make sure we were enviornmentally concious with everything that was printed, by using recycled paper, recycling or donating waste and only producing what we needed. Myself and a coworker took over the brand at the end of 2018 up until early 2020. Unfortunatly, the company is now put on hold due to Covid19. I hope one day we can have a chance at re-opening.

The website

unfortunately not available to view at this time, the Ink-Rebels website was specially curated and coded by my coworker. He did a fantastic job and setting up the site, by making it clean and streamlined. 

Though inactive, the social media accounts are still available to view. 

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