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North Star

Mucha_North Star_Red_Watermark.jpg
Hidden gems

Initally starting this piece, I was curious why he chose the flowers he did.  I googled star flower to see if there were any botanicals relating to outer space. Lo and behold i find the exact flower he used called quite literally, "Starflower".

The Design

Another rendering of a Mucha lithograph, "North Star". I was inspired to do this one because of the passing comet, Neowise (July 2020)

I couldnt decide between a red theme or a blue theme so I did both!

Mucha_North Star_Blue_Watermark.jpg

You can shop this design and others on my Society6 page!



While working on these illustrations, i try to keep in mind the colors i am using, as i try to make everything fit for modern design styles and colors, while still staying true to a timeless feeling. 

Home decor
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