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Phobia Apparel

Phobia Apparel

Phobia Apparel started as a project based around any chosen phobia, and designed as a poster. I chose the phobia Ornithophobia, which is the fear of birds. I later converted the design to apparel and other merchandise.

The Design

I had to visually create the sense of fear, and even pain, from birds. I chose to use crows, who are notorious for being the bird of death,  The woman is being torn and eaten alive, much like what a phobia, and even mental illness, would do to someone, figuratively speaking.

I took inspiration from metal and rock band merchandise, where they use minimal colors but still create the sense of gore. I used adobe illustrator and my tablet, and used only 6 colors (including black
and white).

The Products

If you are interested in the design and purchasing the shirt pictured to your right, visit my society6 and take a look!

The Brand

The brand and design were created by me. Unfortunately it is limited to this design alone. I hope in the future to create more graphics following this same theme.

Tapestries & More..

I also have many other options available, such as tapestries, phone cases, mugs, pillows, blankets, poster prints, canvas prints, and much more!

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