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Tecmark Rebrand

Tecmark Corporation

Tecmark Is a Pressure and Temperature Control Solutions company. They work with air, heating, cooling, water pumps, control sensors, electrical products and much more. 

The Design

The son of the current owner of Tecmark had plans of re-branding once he takes over. He wanted to keep a blue and black color scheme. 


Their current website is very out-dated, cluttered, hard to navigate and difficult to understand. I did a 180 for their website, simple and clean, with visuals and a smaller, more refined products menu. 

The Brand

For the logo, He wanted bold, blocky letters like in their previous logo but with a more modern look. I also designed the "M" with waves that could resemble both air and water to relate it to their business and products. 

Business Card

Most of the new branding was focused around the "M", So I decided to do a double-sided business card with a divided "M" on each side. They had never thought about having double sided business cards before. At first the idea was new to them but it grew to their liking. Unfortunately, this is still just an unofficial re-brand for Tecmark. 

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