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VMCAD Resource Center

The Design

The design was up to the designer, so I kept the whole book pretty minimal, with photos as accents. I used multiple weights of a serif typeface, with blue toned photographs. 

VMCAD Resource Center

The Virginia Marti College Resource Center booklet highlights what is available in the school's library, online resources, and types of books available. 

The Production

I printed the book on a medium weight paper. Thick enough to print double sided, but thin enough to turn easily once the book was made. I decided to try my hand on binding the book myself. Unfortunately I did not have a paper cutter, but I was happy with the way it turned out. I taught myself how to bind a book and found it to be both challenging and a lot of fun!

The Context

Each chapter contained different information about what things were, tools and tips, information about the library, where and how to find things, as well as online resources to help in our field. 


To learn more about Virginia Marti College follow the link, or view this project on Behance! 

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