The Design

The previous website used little to no imagery. For a design school, it would be expected to use a lot of photos that portray the school and the students. 

The Design

There were no elements on the website that were unique and stood out, so I wanted to capture the 4 main career options offered at the school. Using objects commonly found in fashion design, fashion merchandising, graphic design and interior design careers. 

The Design

I also wanted to give more attention to each program, compared to their previous website that made it hard to understand with a very bland layout. 

The Design

One of the biggest dislikes about their past website was the lack of student art work. The few pieces that were featured were very outdated. I wanted to add more visuals and have them updated at least twice a year. 

VMCAD Website

Virginia Marti College Website 

Before the school's re-branding, we were tasked with designing a a new website for Virginia Marti College of Art and Design. 


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