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Wine Labels

Catalia Winery

This design i did for fun while playing around with different label options with stock, foil and die cutting. The wine features labels with the name in gold foil, and an illustration of the kind of grapes used for each bottle of wine.

Siren cabernet sauvignon

This label i illustrated based on a vintage illustration of a mermaid, I came up with the "Siren Wine" brand keeping with a greek mythology base for the branding. The label is printed on a clear label stock using nothing but gold foil for the design.



The Design

The three designs shown are the constellations; Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio. Leo is a fire element, which makes it a perfect fit for a Barolo, a strong flavorful wine. Taurus , an earth element, was given the Bordeaux, a sweet wine with just enough kick. For the Moscato, a lighter wine, is Scorpio as a water element.


Cōnstellātiō, a wine packaging design based upon the 12 Zodiacal Constellations and their earthly elements. 

The Brand

I hope to one day finish this series and have all the zodiac signs paired with different wines. 


To view this project on Behance, follow the link below!

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