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Crystal Invitations

Wedding Invites & RSVP Cards

I was asked by Julianna Arendash Photography to help her with her stylized photo-shoot she was putting together. She requested for me to make the invitations with a crystal theme for her boho/rustic photography session. All photos pictured on this page were photographed by Julianna Arendash.

The Design

I had a lot of free range with this project. Due to the photo-shoot being pre-planned and staged, I didn't have any strict rules to follow besides it fitting with the theme. Julianna put all her trust in me to design these cards for her, and I'm proud to have been a part of this shoot!

Stylized Photo Shoot

The Photoshoot

Many different vendors got together for this photo shoot as a way to highlight our creativity and help one another.


This make-up look was done by the wonderful Karin Dodge Stone. I had the pleasure of working with her after this shoot to help re-brand her business!


David Rosado creates gorgeous bouquets and flourishes. I've also had the opportunity to work with him and his brand!

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